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        An ancient but ever useful Healing System
TCM has the ability to unlock your true potential and facilitate you to develop and use your own personal gifts and skills. Its an in depth knowledge and ability to grasp and address individual health concerns and empowers everyone with the way to unite body, mind, and spirit—the foundation for lasting, authentic health. TCM teaches you the way to enjoy a lifetime of balance, wellness, and harmony.

     It’s true that TCM is among the oldest healing systems on earth. it's been in continuous use for thousands of years. How is it possible that something that old can still work for individuals living today—in your life? TCM may be effectively applied to assist in the healing of anyone and any health issue regardless of what year it is as a result of it’s foundation in unchanging natural law.

     This distinctive paradigm of treatment came from careful observation of how this world works at the deepest, invisible levels and interacts with the visible and physical levels. It’s a medicine of extraordinary relationships. Each TCM principle, theory, and healing practice reflects and harmonizes with the relationships that exist bound to the natural law.

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 A path to the life you Desire

TCM, or traditional Chinese medicine, is a profound pathway to make the life you desire , the life you were born to live. It’s an unchanging bridge which will initiate and support transformation and growth in each of lifes dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Traditional Chinese Medicine


Yes, we accept insurance. Many insurance plans offer full or partial coverage for acupuncture treatment. In order to have a complete understanding of your specific insurance plan you will need to contact your insurance provider and ask the questions below: 

Start by calling your insurance company. There is usually a customer service number on the back of your insurance card. There may be a maze of telephone prompts to navigate, but eventually you will want to speak directly with a customer service representative to ask about your policy benefits:

1.) Is Acupuncture treatment covered on your policy? 

     If the answer was “Yes”:

2.) What is your copay amount for acupuncture? This copay may be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage.

3.) Are there coverage limits on the number of treatments?  Are there dollar amount limits?

4.) Is there is a deductible amount which applies to acupuncture treatment? If a deductible applies, you should ask how much of the out-of-network deductible has been met and what the deductible period is. You should expect to pay-out-of-pocket until the deductible has been met for the current deductible period.

5.) Are you covered for out-of-network providers? Having out-of-network benefits will ensure that you get the best coverage. Our clinic is out-of-network for all insurance providers. It is also wise to ask whether your policy allows acupuncture to be administered by a licensed acupuncturist or if it stipulates that treatment may only be administered by an MD. In addition, you should ask if a referral or pre-authorization is required for your policy.

6.) Are there any specific acupuncture diagnosis requirements? Even if you’ve met all of the criteria above, an insurance company will pay for acupuncture only when treatment is considered medically necessary and acupuncture is an appropriate treatment for the patient’s condition.



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