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A Mental & Physical Approach
Weight-Loss Success

How does it work ?

  • you will sign up for a pre-class, complete the paperwork and check in process to get assigned to a specifically designed small group Class of 5-7 people on average.

  • Dr. Sun will be your instructor and will answer all of your questions in the pre-class session. Then she will teach you exactly how to perform your daily meditation (15 minutes/5 times a day)

  • you will be coached throughout the entirety of the program in personal or Group messages

  • weekly meetings for weight check and Diet classes

  • The course is also available completely online no in person appointments necessary

What do you need to apply ?

  • you must have, and be willing to contribute 75 minutes per day towards your health and weight loss goals

  • You must keep in communicating in the group chat, and faithfully continue your daily practice

  • Be serious about your health!

What will following these practices achieve ?

  • You will achieve weight loss while also increasing your bodies natural energy

  • You will see a major reduction or completely clear any indigestion or bloating you are experiencing 

  • You should see a Reduction or withdraw of prescription medication needs

The Best Resoulution Ever For


Healthy - Safe - Fast

1.                  30 Days : $500                 

     For people who want to 

     lose only 10 - 30 lbs

     in 1 months time

     learn to eat and live healthier

2.                 60 Days : $1000                 

 For people who need to 

     lose more than 30 lbs and up to 60lbs

     Eliminate some of your prescriptions and live lively (if you decide)


3.                 90 Days : $1500                 

For people who feel it necessary to 

     lose 50 - 90 lbs

    Regain your health and reverse your current health situation

To get started please download the the Weight-Loss New Patient PDF form and send the completed form to 

Weight-Loss New Patient form

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