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Mark K.

Mark K.

Saved Me From Surgery!

Dr. Sun Literally saved me from a scheduled neck fusion surgery. After an impromptu meeting and visiting about my neck and back problems. She encouraged me at least to consider a evaluation before undergoing surgery. Several weeks prior the scheduled surgery, I decided to take her up on the offer, and I cold not be happier with the outcome. During the initial evaluation Dr. Sun persuaded me beyond doubt the pain and discomfort I was experiencing could be treated without surgery. After 2 or 3 sessions I canceled the surgery, and after 6 to 8 sessions I was virtually pain free! Today, 6 months later, I continue to be pain free. While there are no guarantees, and while surgery may at some point be inevitable, Susan Sun gave me part of my life back. She is highly professional in her manner and treatment approach, and I would encourage anyone experiencing neck and back discomfort to consider a consultation with her before moving forward with surgery. 

andy R.

Andy R.

To whom it may concern,


              I am a fifty yr. old male, who was involved in a motorcycle accident march 17, 2010.  I suffered T.B.I. , broken neck with fusion of C-5 and C-6, seven ribs broken in nine places and fractures of the upper spine. I’ve been on heavy narcotic drugs for this time. After being treated by Susan Sun with acupuncture, herbs, and Moxibustion for a month.  I feel I am, for the first time, on my way to recovery, and am only taking a minimum of pain meds. It was recommended by my doctor to have a pain pump implanted, to get away from the high (and dangerous) doses I was on. I am doing so well that I go days without meds. I would and have recommend Susan and acupuncture to anyone who may not have used, or are unfamiliar with acupuncture. I am very happy how well I’m doing. Its been over a month since my last treatment and I’m doing well. I’ve gone from living reliant on drugs and in constant severe pain, to being almost pain free, which makes life so much easier and with promise. Bottom line is, Susan was wonderful.



                             Andy Reeves

Linder W

Linder W.

My Favorite DOCTOR

I love this wonderful lady! She is simply the best. I has ad sever neck pain and she is the one helped reliving my pain.

Jerry L

Jerry L.

Very effective treatment and clean environment

Very clean and professional place. The treatment has worked well for me. .

Vann D

Vann D.

Professional yet very personal. I went in for stress and pain treatment. Would recommend anyone who seeks for help for health issues. Thanks Susan Sun!

Pam L.

Pam L.

 When I met Dr. Sun, I was at the end of my rope and didn't know where else to turn. I was 75-100 lbs overweight, had gone through surgery on my right knee and surgery to remove a bunion on my right foot a year earlier, and was still in excruciating pain. I thought I would be all fixed once done with the two surgeries.  Boy, was I wrong. I wish I had met Dr. Sun before I had the surgeries. I have been seeing Dr. Sun for 3 months now and she has turned my life around. She has worked on my pain issues and I have been able to walk over 1 mile each day the past two weekends. Something I haven't been able to do in over 2 years. I could barely even walk to the bathroom before meeting Dr. Sun.  She has also been helping me with my weight problem too, and, in 6 short weeks, I have lost a total of 23 lbs and I feel so much more alive now. I feel like myself again and I'm gaining back my confidence each day. I get discouraged some days because I want the weight to melt off faster, but I truly am pleased with the way things are moving. After all, it took me 13 years to put it on and with Dr. Sun I'm confident I'll be down to my goal weight in 6-8 months. Dr. Sun really cares about her patients. She takes the time to listen and is serious about finding a cure for my ailments and weight issues. I am in a small weight-loss group headed by Dr. Sun and the results of the group have been just as remarkable because she is our biggest cheerleader. She's been a blessing in my life and someone I now consider a friend. She will now be the first doctor I consult for all my ailments. Thank you, Dr. Sun!

Vicky J.

Vicki J.

I can’t begin to tell everyone how blessed I am to have Dr Sun ☀️in my life now. I am off 5 of my meds and working on weaning myself off the last one.  I feel so much better and I am getting better as each day passes. I like what I see in the mirror every morning and can’t believe the transformation I have seen in just 6 short weeks and can’t wait to see what happens in the next 6.  Dr Sun you are my Sunshine ☀

Brian S.

Brian S.


Worth every penny!!

I went to see Ms Sun to help me to loose weight. She helped me more than anybody else had up to that point, or since. I can’t thank her enough for what she did for me. I would definitely recommend her to my friends.

Donna B.

Donna B.

Awesome treatments

The acupuncture treatment was a wonderful experience. The tightness in my hip went away completely after several treatments. Ms Sun is also very knowledgeable in herbal medicine. She treats the whole body and gets to the source of things. I highly recommend her and Lotus Pain Clinic.

Daisy K.

Daisy K.


She is very experienced and knowledgeable. My pain went away after a few secessions of acupunctures. Her TuiNa techniques are very relaxing and healing. I would recommend her to anyone who suffered from pain.

Julia L

Julia L.

Good doctor

I have serious skin itch problems for years. My previous doctor told me that is allergy issue. He always prescribe me triamcinolone acetinide cream and allergy pills. Sometimes I had to have steroid shot….all of these are just temporary relive . My skin condition was getting worse and worse.  I was very lucky to be introduced to Dr. Sun by my friend…my skin is getting better and better in just one month. Today is much better than I was before. Thanks God! She is an excellent doctor. It is worth a try and you will never regret.

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