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What Services are offered 

At Initial Visit:

Patient will fill out  “New Patient In Take Form” with all questions and concerns including history in details as for full diagnose and treatment. It usually requires 15 minutes prior the appointment and treatment plan and modality and the treatment

     Please print and fill out this form before arriving for your first appointment 

     If you do not have a printer available please arrive early to fill out a form 


Chinese Herbs are a comprehensive form of medicine that can effectively treat a wide variety of conditions. Chinese herbs decoctions generally are bad in taste but very effective and safe. But there are also pills, powders or capsules which are convenient to take. I will advise you on what would be the best for you at the initial visit.

herbs 3.jpg

     Acupuncture is a comprehensive healing system from Asia that is at least 3,000 years old. Acupuncture works with the energy in the body's skin, muscles and organs along pathways called meridians.

     By stimulating specific points of the meridians, acupuncture directs energy throughout the body's networks and unblocks the obstructions that cause pain and disharmony. Acupuncture therapy encourages the body to restore its own equilibrium and it is one of the safest medical procedures in the world.

acu 1.jpg

Cupping uses glass, plastic, or bamboo cups that suction when placed upon the patients body. the technique may temporarily leave round red marks on the skin that will be cleared within a few days. Similar to the technique of GuaSha, Cupping can be used for many conditions including muscular pain and the common cold.


Is the use of the medicinal herb Mugwort (Artmesia Vulgris) to warm and nourish the body. The herb is applied through Moxibustion (moxa) that is placed on an acupuncture point or applied directly to the skin, creating a sensation of warmth that is commonly found to be relaxing and calming.

moxa 3.jpg

Is a very powerful treatment, which use layers towels to create a safe, and comfortable firewalls to light up an alcohol based fire to warm and open up the coldness and pain in a fast and comfortable time. It is very good for people who have severe cold pain.

fire dragon treatment.png

TuiNa is a form of Chinese therapeutic massage which utilizes the meridians to harmonize Qi flow through the body to unblock the stagnation or break up the lumps of nodules in the body.

tui na 4.jpg

In cases of the common cold or muscular pain, Cupping or GuaSha may be used to support the healing process, GuaSha is performed by rubbing th skin with the smooth surface of a special tool. small red dots , or petechiae, come to the surface. The result is healthy circulation of the blood and an improvement of symptoms that are usually felt immediately 

gua sha 1.jpg
Facial Rejuvenation 

Is using needles plus moxa for energy boosting to improve overall condition and as an alternative to chemical face lifts the rejuvenation promotes positive energy in the tissues of the face causing a natural lifting which results in a healthy glow and a younger look to the skin of the face. it usually takes 12 sessions for a treatment over 2 months time. Special consultation needed before proceeding.

facil 5.jpg

    Facial Rejuvenation Form       

     Please print and fill out this form before arriving for your first appointment; If you do not have a printer available please arrive early to fill out a form 

Diet Consultation

a specific to you consultation on your diet  to help with the struggles of your daily life that are effected by your diet, some of which you dont even realize. by finding out the health issues you are dealing with whether it is sleeping issues, constipation or bloating, excessive weight gain or loss, bathroom issues, or many other issues and diseases. The effects can be lessened or even go away completely by changing what you put into your body

Weight Loss Program 

Is specific to each individual’s condition and needs, different modalities will be applied:

1.        Acupuncture: 2 times a week for 2 months will help to lose 15 to 30 pounds same time eliminated back shoulder arms and legs pain.

2.       Herbal: take a prescribed herb brews 5 days a week for 2 months to boost transforming and transporting ability to strengthen the kidney and spleen thus to get rid of water retention. This modality helps those who suffered from edema with Hypothyroidism, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea and fatigue.

3.       Qigong: By doing a special breathing exercise on a daily basis under the instruction of a special trained practitioner, you can easily loose 5 pounds a week with increasing energy. This modality fits most people regardless. Most of the people who lost weight through this program are able to keep it off, and as an extra bonus they may be able to get rid of most or all their medications, restoring their health and fitness.

 weight-loss new patient packet

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